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  • Get a ticket to a Pokémon GO boat cruise on the London Thames river
  • Be led by highly-trained hunting captains to find rare Pokémon!
  • Search along the middle of the river Thames and under Tower Bridge.
  • Look out for Blastoise, Squirtle, Starmie, Gyarados and more.
  • Fishing trips will depart from Westminster pier at 5pm and return back to Westminster at 7pm with a hull full of Pokemon aboard.

What to Expect

The Ancient Thames has long been a place for strange creatures, but lately there has been hundreds of rare Pokemon sighted all the way along the middle of its flow.
The best way to capture them is to join us for a Pokemon GO fishing trip onboard the MV Hurlingham on the River Thames.

What is included

  • Our highly trained Pokemon hunting Captains will hunt out the rarest Pokemon around, from places like underneath Tower bridge
  • Or just offshore from traitors gate where we are told the Magicarp live.
  • Refreshments available onboard No Food to be brought onboard unless with prior notice.

What to bring

  • Pokemon Go app on your smart phone

Please note

Every 2 Children must be accompanied by an adult.

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Our highly trained Pokemon hunting Captains will hunt out the rarest Pokemon around. Join us on the River Thames and lets go exploring.


  • English

$ 29 p.p.

Max 20 People

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