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  • Dog sledding
  • Beautiful silence
  • Hunting the nothern light

What to Expect

The Polar Night is a particularly atmospheric time of year, and dog sledding under starry skies, dancing aurora or glittering moonlight is an experience not to be missed.

After helping to harness the dogs your guide will lead the way out from the yards. The dogs will yelp and bark with impatience, but as soon as we get going a beautiful silence will sink over us. The eager dogs will set off at a cracking pace, but after a couple of kilometres they will settle into a comfortable speed. The guide will drive first with two guests in their larger sled, and the group will follow in two person sleds. Participants will be able to swap between mushing and enjoying the scenery from the sled.

In the period between November 14 and January 29 each year, a remarkable phenomenon occurs on Svalbard - The Polar Night. During these weeks the sun is at least 6 degrees under the horizon and therefore never shines on Spitsbergen. While the sun is hidden under the horizon, Longyearbyen becomes a magical place lit only by streetlamps, the northern lights and the moon which glitters in the snow. The atmosphere is completely unique, and as you soak in the mystical darkness you will know you are a long way from the beaten track. Don`t forget that during the Polar Night you have double the chance of seeing the Northern Lights!

Out in the dark we will turn off our headlights, and after a short time the contours of the mountains will appear. Looking south, we can see that it is lighter towards the horizon. The snow covered landscape reflects light from the moon, stars and, if we are lucky, the northern lights – and it is astonishing to note just how much you can see in this magical period.

What is included

  • Transport to/from hotels/guesthouse
  • Experienced guide with security equipment
  • Clothing and boots

What to bring

  • Warm underwear

Please note

Age limit: +8

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About your Localist


Mats is raised in both Stavanger, Norway and Glasgow, Scotland. He visited Svalbard for the first time in 1996 and moved to the high Arctic in 2007. Since then he has been a permanent resident. You can say that he got a case of "The Svalbard Bug" and the only medicine was to return to the Arctic.
He has spent a lot of his spare time to discover and explore the island. Over time, Mats has gotten to know Svalbard very well - both at land and at sea.
You will meet Mats or one from his very qualified team.


  • English
  • Norsk

$ 190 p.p.

Max 4 People

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