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  • Try the local brew
  • Try local produced herbs at 78 degrees north
  • The exciting history of Svalbard
  • Longyearbyen - the most Northern settlement in the world

What to Expect

We start the tour with a stop at the newly opened Svalbard Bryggeri. We'll get a taste of the local produced beer, and we get the full story how it's to run your own brewery at 78 degrees north.
We continue our tour through Longyearbyen where we'll stop and take a look at old cultural remains when trappers on Svalbard made their fortune from hunting polar fox, reindeer, seal and polar bears. If we're lucky, we'll see some of the wildlife as well.
We stop at the newly opened green house, Polar Perma Culture, where we'll taste some local produced herbs!
At Spitsbergen Hotel we'll get the story of the social differences in Longyearbyen, from the rich and wealthy to the workers in the coal mines.

Spitsbergen Hotel used to be the place where alcohol was rationed and handed out to the workers and people living in Longyearbyen. We'll visit the place that is now used as an champagne cellar, where you'll get a taste of some exclusive beverage.
The last stop on our guided tour will be at "Fruene" where we'll get the story how the world's northernmost chocolate is made!

What is included

  • Busride along Longyearbyen with no guide
  • Host at all places we visit
  • A drink and local samples

What to bring

  • Camera

Please note

Age limit: 18+

About your Localist


Mats is raised in both Stavanger, Norway and Glasgow, Scotland. He visited Svalbard for the first time in 1996 and moved to the high Arctic in 2007. Since then he has been a permanent resident. You can say that he got a case of "The Svalbard Bug" and the only medicine was to return to the Arctic.
He has spent a lot of his spare time to discover and explore the island. Over time, Mats has gotten to know Svalbard very well - both at land and at sea.
You will meet Mats or one from his very qualified team.


  • English
  • Norsk

$ 102 p.p.

Max 20 People

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