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  • Ultimate African safari experience off the beaten track
  • Enjoy the Maasai dance and the Gorilla dancers
  • Take a dip in the natural jacuzzi
  • Amazing starry sky and bonfire nights
  • Close-up encounter with animals at Shompole conservancy
  • Meet the Masaai Elders

Pick up

You will be picked up at your hotel

What to Expect

See and experience the well-hidden wilderness gems in Kenya, Nguruman Escarpment, and be amazed by the breathtaking scenery and wildlife.

We will go with an overland truck passing the beautiful Maasai land wilderness and game drive in Shompole Conservancy. We will probably spot Zebra, gazelle, giraffes, elephants, and wildebeest and if we are lucky lions, leopard or cheetah.

During this magnificent camping adventure will enlighten you on how to pitch your own tent. We will, however, have the privilege of having a professional chef on board to prepare all our mouth-watering meals.

This marvelous hike is guided by a very knowledgeable local Maasai elder who has been guiding people for the last 35 years. For a more enjoyable and tranquil hike, all the luggage is carried by donkeys that are led by Maasai men to each camp site. Donkeys and hikers use different trails. By the time you reach the camp site, you will find your tent set and hot beverages ready.

Day 1.
Leave Nairobi after picking you from your hotel
We will have an interesting stop at the pre-historic site Olorgesaille. Here we will learn about the origins of man, which is a real eye opener.
We will enjoy a delicious local Kenyan lunch (A la Carte available) at a Massai restaurant by Lake Magadi (the Salt Lake). It is a unique and serene destination for nature lovers-before taking a dip in the natural Jacuzzi which is believed to have medicinal values by the locals.

We will have a fascinating experience at Nguruman Escarpment. Here, we will see the waterfall at the top of the escarpment and view the steep forested valleys with a lot of birds including Flamingos, Yellow-billed Stork, Cape Teal, and the African Spoonbill.

A delicious dinner made by our personal local chef will be made to your expectations.
Get a kick out of an overnight stay at the cool Campsite where we will be entertained by a local Massai dance. The starry skies and wild animal howling in the background truly make this an ultimate African safari experience. A great and mesmerizing bonfire will be available, Local and International Music will be available to make your experience even more special. Have you heard of the Maasai gorilla dancers? here you will see them perform their trademark performance which is a spectacle.

Day Two: (Trekking to the Naisula waterfall)
An appetizing local Breakfast will be available at your request in the park as we see the beautiful African sunrise.
We will have a familiarization session to know each other and locals will share their local experiences.
Delight yourself in the Nature Trail into the hills for bird-watching and a local experience. The walking Safari up the famous Loita Hills is breathtaking because of the beautiful nature and views. Hyena footprint and buffalo tracks can be seen along the way and we might get a chance to view the impressive volcano caves in the area.
We will have exquisite lunch by the waterfall as we relax after the trail walk. At this point, if we have any questions for our guide: we will get to know more about the region.
Maasai dancers will dance for our entertainment as we wait for tasty dinner which will include Goat barbecue over a mesmerizing bonfire in the wilderness.
We will stay at the camp over night and for those with a fancy for the local night scene: we will go to a local bar which is not far from the camping site for a drink or 3

Day Three: (Game drive & Duff Mpaparo)
We will have a close encounter with animals as we have a Game Drive at Shompole Conservancy which could give us a chance to see game including zebra, wildebeest, Grant’s gazelle and giraffe. Shompole Conservancy is also known for its lions, leopards, and cheetahs and if we are in luck we might spot them.
Hot sumptuous Breakfast will be served for us in the campsite grounds as we enjoy the great atmosphere. Some friendly and curious gazelles can be spotted roaming near the campsite during this time.
Remarkable local tour to Ewaso Nyiro River-Duff Mpararo session here we will see the water hole and get a chance to see animals as they drink water in a beautiful example of the co-existence. We will get a chance to visit a local Massai village that is located near the river bank and knows about their livelihood.
A spectacular lunch will be served at the campsite.During this time we can freshen up as we get ready to embark n our journey back to Nairobi
We will arrive in Nairobi at approximately 19:00hrs, with sweet memories to cherish for a Lifetime

What is included

  • 2 nights camping accommodation
  • Comfortable sleeping bags
  • Trained Local guide
  • National Park Entrance fees
  • Hotel transfer Inclusive
  • Mountain trail and hiking fees
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2 litres drinking water (daily) more can be requested
  • 1 Awesome Kalakala t-shirt

What to bring

  • Camera
  • Sandals
  • Hiking shoes
  • Swimming costumes
  • Sunhats,sunscreen (this is important)
  • Toiltries/personal effects
  • A small bag pack for carrying snacks

Please note

This is camping, you will sleep in a tent and share a common hygienic washroom facilities with hot water.

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