About Us

Pick Your Day is an online community marketplace for people to create, discover and book activities and experiences all over the world.   

When Jan Rangul first started Pick Your Day he wanted to do something different on how we look at travel and all activities you do on vacation or when you have a few extra hours or an extra day in your home town.  He wanted to look deeper into what people know and love and then connect them to people who are looking to learn or experience a new activity. His dream has become a reality where people can turn their knowledge, hobbies and passions into a real life service to be enjoyed by users all over the globe.  By signing up as a Localist we have tried to make this the easiest way to monetize your spare time or market your passion to a global audience.   And as a Customer we have tried to offer you wonderful and new experiences that you would not be able to find elsewhere.

Why is it different than a travel agency or other booking company?

Many people have been to Paris and seen the Eiffel Tower.  But how many people can say they saw it and took a French cooking class from a local. Or maybe you booked a City Tour through Pick Your Day.  Your host could take you through the city, share their knowledge of the city from a local’s perspective, and possible show you a quaint city park where you have a nice French picnic lunch with him or her.  These things you won’t find anywhere else.  That is very different to the bus tour and economy lunch that you might otherwise get.   

Millions of people travel to London every year to see the sights.  But how many people can say they took a photography course in London, learned to improve their photography skills and came home with photos that they are proud to show their friends.  Many of the activities we offer at Pick Your Day are just not an experience but an education that people can have for the rest of their lives.  You will always remember the Eiffel Tower, but by taking the chance to do something different and taking a cooking class, a language class, or a tour that shows you and teaches you something different. 

We ask you to look through the site to find something new, whether that is a new experience or learning something new.  If you are looking through the site and think to yourself, “I have something I can teach, or I can show someone a new experience” we at Pick Your Day would love to have you aboard.  We are always looking for new Localists to offer new activities throughout the world. It is free to sign up and we charge you as a Localist nothing to offer activities. 

All the employees at Pick Your Day have a passion to learn, explore and experience new things.  We wish to bring people together to experience new cultures, make new memories and create new possibilities that can make you fall in love with a new place, or with your own city all over again.